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Blockchain is a disruptive technology. It is a decentralized “distributed database” which technically structures data differently than traditional databases. Blockchains function by collecting groups or “blocks” of data as a distributed digital leger that records transactions.  This type of system is difficult or nearly impossible to hack and modify.

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BlockChain Technology Software Applications

Blockchain technology is redefining the ways in which we transact business online, workflows, and idea sharing. Useful applications of blockchain technology include:

Transferring Money

Wiring payments on the web

Blockchain provides much faster and less expensive money transfer services.

Financial Exchanges

Online Trading of Currencies

Some financial exchanges now function on blockchain technology with faster and less expensive transactions.

Non-fungible Token


Non-fungible tokens have a variety of applications including, primarily, a way to convey ownership of anything digital or represented by data.

Secure IoT Networks

Data encryption

As online criminals get more innovative, we have to protect important data more and more. Let SDSol take care of it.

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