Custom Software Development

We build amazing solutions for our clients. If you need new software, hardware, or a combination of both, SDSol can help. Choose SDSol if your company needs a software overhaul. Our team of engineers will get you where you need to be. Our software architects take their time to make sure the system architecture is scalable and developed professionally. At SDSol, we never mix and match our coders. They all work on a specific computing language.


Software designed & developed just for you!

When you have specific software needs that saas or off-the-shelf software can't address, our software developers create tailored solutions for you by developing custom applications.

You’ll need a server app

Server app development

We call it the “mothership.” Let our team of software application developers build your server app.

Software as a service

SaaS development

A great example of SaaS is Netflix. We have experience developing software as a service for several different industries.

We develop business apps

Enterprise Software

Android has the largest market share for end users in the world. Our Android team is standing by for your project.

Protect your data

Data encryption

As mobile technology evolves, software and mobile app developers are gaining more tools to develop great apps.

Making smarter apps

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as “AI”, is an integral part of software, firmware, and integrated IoT systems. SDSol brings the power of AI to your application platform.

More intelligent computers & “machines”

ML – Machine Learning

ML, or machine learning, is a branch of AI that creates an automated method of data analysis that continuously builds an analytical model.

Featured Project
Custom storefront app for internal business use

Cartier created, through CaYzen SaaS and SDSol’s custom software development services, application tools to build an innovation & collaboration platform. This custom solution enhances the efficiency of Cartier’s internal communications & supply chain.

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