Our team of expert digital marketing professionals will take your app or tech start up to the next level and drive revenue for your business. We specialize in digital marketing strategy, digital marketing metrics, digital content marketing, and advertising. Further, our team of social media experts build your brand on all of the social media networks to spread the word about your company. We are a firm believer in organic growth and outreach. If you have an app or tech start up in need of a digital marketing agency, let SDSol take a look at your product, and develop a digital marketing plan that makes sense.

Professional planning

Marketing strategy

When you launch a new product or business, a digital marketing strategy needs to be at the top of the list for most investors. Our marketing director personally puts a digital marketing strategy together for our clients. We analyze the product, target demographics, ad networks, and social networks. We also begin to define your brand. Our marketing plan lays out the tasks and activities that your product needs to drive downloads, engage users, and ultimately, bring revenue to your business.

Create your brand


Building a brand is a creative task. It is very much an art to create a company name, logo, slogan, and identifying attributes. Our digital marketing team works very closely with our clients to ensure that people recognize and remember your business. We bring in the art department to brainstorm logo concepts and color palettes. We bring in the content marketers to brainstorm slogans and taglines. At the end of the day, repetition breeds recognition. Your brand needs to be memorable.

Build great content

Content marketing

The key to a great marketing strategy is the ability to create amazing content. Content marketing is all about originality. If you are not creating targeted and relevant content for your target audience, they simply won’t care about it. SDSol is a full team of developers and marketers. We all write copy pertaining to our particular expertise. Our content marketing team distributes the content throughout strategic online channels, and grows users and followers organically.

Creative ad setup

Digital advertising

Advertising your app or tech start up can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Today, there are so many advertising networks and ad engines that some just don’t know where to start. SDSol will create your advertising content, pick the best ad network for your product, and mitigate the cost of your ad spend with the expertise you’d expect in a professional marketing company. We launch ads with direction, purpose, and strategy in mind.

Interpret the data


Analytics is the most important component of your marketing campaign. If you aren’t tracking your user base, KPIs, CPIs, and drop off numbers, you are simply doomed to fail in this business. All of our clients’ analytics are reviewed by our marketing director. Based upon what the analytics tell us, we make the best decision for the project. If we have to pivot, we’ll do so. If we should up the ad spend, we will make that recommendation. We react to the data.

Run your accounts

Social Media

Social media marketing is now the most cost effective way to market your business. A good social media campaign not only grows your followers, likes, and comments, but it also increases your KPIs for your ad campaigns. We believe in great social media marketing at SDSol. We will set up and run your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts. And no matter what comes next in the social media world, we’ll be able to run that account as well.


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