Making hardware smarter and part of the ‘Internet of Things’

Award winning hardware

Electrical Engineering

If your app requires hardware development, SDSol’s electrical engineers can bring your product to life.

Software on a device

Firmware Development

Firmware is software that resides on a particular board or hardware device. Our team can write and install firmware.

Bluetooth BLE

Bluetooth Integration

BLE is a low energy data transfer solution used by many worldwide. Our architects and engineers are pros in BLE.

We build smart devices


If you have an idea like Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner, get on the phone immediately with SDSol. We can help.

Caliper and gear being worked on over spec documentation
Embedded design


Embedded microcontroller system design is a core service that we specialize in at SDSol. Talk to an expert.

Make a prototype

Proof of Concept

If your project requires a proof of concept, let our experts develop one for you. We will make sure the product can work.

We develop

Product Development

Our product development team will execute the development plan and deliver an incredible product. Reach out.

Caliper and gear being worked on over spec documentation
We design

Product Design

We will manage the product design and create an incredible product for you and your business. Get in touch.

Caliper and gear being worked on over spec documentation
Efficient building

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping helps businesses bring their ideas to life by streamlining prototypes and proof of concepts.

Will it work?

Feasibility Studies

Our team will evaluate your product to determine its practicality and technical feasibility in the market place.