Crucial steps for mobile app marketing

01. Develop a Marketing Strategy

Developing a digital marketing strategy for your mobile app is hands-down, the single most important step you will take as a tech start up. A young company banking on their app going viral on social media is in for a seriously rude awakening.

If you want to play in the big leagues, you’ve got to game plan. In tech, we game plan by developing a professional marketing strategy. At the end of the day, your marketing strategy boils down to what you find out while conducting research.

Conduct research on similar apps in the market. For instance, if you are launching a new peer-to-peer app, you’d want to check out the heavyweights in that genre, like Uber and Airbnb. Sign up for their services. See how they engage with their user base. What type of emails and push notifications do they send you? If they are running TV commercials, when and where do you see them? Check out their social media accounts.

How are they interacting with the public. Moreover, what types of people are reaching out to them? Does it appear to be more women? More men? It is important to note that you don’t have to duplicate a competitor’s marketing strategy. But you should know how your competitors are marketing their product.

Ultimately, your digital marketing strategy will be tied to your company’s budgetary restraints. Not every tech start up has the ability to launch major ad campaigns out of the gate. Most have extremely tight marketing budgets.

In these situations, we recommend that you hire a professional marketing company to develop the digital marketing strategy.You may have to focus more on content marketing and less on ad campaigns. This is perfectly fine, though. We’ve launched very successful projects on shoe-string budgets. It is all about planning.

How to market a mobile app

02. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the best avenue to grow your brand organically. If your mobile app is looking for users, social media networks bear the lowest hanging fruit. Social media allows you to find the communities you’re looking for, and build a reputation within those communities.

Have fun in the promotion process

For instance, the cool thing about social media marketing, is that you can have a lot of fun while promoting your mobile app. The idea of social media marketing is to create a sense of consistency from one social network to the next. These days, it is very easy to connect and sync posts. So if you post something to Facebook, it should also post to Twitter, and vice versa. But what should you post, right?

Because you knocked it out of the park conducting competitor research, you should have lots of ideas on what to post on your social media accounts. The key is to consistently post content that is informative, original, entertaining, current, and promotional. So for instance, if your app is a peer-to-peer app that caters to travelers, find an informative picture about travel safety, or, a funny picture about family vacations. Make sure that you add informative text about the post and targeted hashtags.

As well, make sure that you take advantage of social media management tools. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others, social media accounts are becoming extremely fragmented. There are tools on the web that will help you manage all of your accounts from one place.


For instance, a great example of this type of tool is Hootsuite. Instead of logging onto 5-6 different social networks, Hootsuite allows you to log in to one dashboard. From there you can schedule and manage all of your posts for all of the different social media networks.

Social media marketing

03. Monetize Your App Using Incentive Ads

Ad networks are making tons of money for new and trending mobile apps. As a digital marketing agency, we advise our clients to consider incentive (“incent”) campaigns when they first go live. Incent campaigns require deeply embedded coding into the mobile application, so you will need to get your developer on board, but they can be extremely successful if executed properly. Mostly, our digital marketing department uses incent campaigns to drive downloads. So, what is an incent campaign?

As well, an incent ad campaign works like a PPC campaign, but on steroids. They work within specific apps in a mobile ad network. Take for example, First Strike – the popular military game on the app stores. They run ads within other apps which incentivize you to download First Strike.

The incent ad

Moreover, let’s say you just downloaded a new word game app, but after playing for an hour or so, you’ve run out of lives. You have to wait to start playing again. Or, maybe not. There is an incent ad within the word game, incentivizing you to download First Strike in exchange for 3 new lives. All you have to do is click the ad, download First Strike, and boom! you’ve got 3 new lives in your word game.

In addition, we advise our clients to consider incent campaigns in 2 ways: driving downloads, and driving ad revenue. To drive downloads, we will place ads in other apps incentivizing those users to come download our app. To drive revenue, we’ll place ads within our app.

Your efforts play a big role

First Strike pays up to $4 per click for each incent ad conversion. We recently launched an incent campaign to drive downloads on a new app and got 12,000 downloads within 24 hours. They are very useful. But your digital marketing strategy and your social media efforts play a huge role in the success of such campaigns.

Incentive campaigns for digital marketing

SDSol is Here to Help

Moreover, there will be many more bases you will have to cover when launching your mobile app. Digital marketing is an art. It evolves. Something new is always coming out that will change the game for everyone.

It is not a get rich quick scheme

Remember, launching an app is not a get rich quick scheme. There is no perfect template for success. At the end of the day, it boils down to surrounding yourself with – or hiring – people who believe in your product, and are good at what they do. Your marketing strategy, social media outreach, and advertising, should be handled by experts. SDSol is happy to help if you need guidance.