Impact of COVID-19 on business


Business after COVID 19 has changed the whole world. These changes affect how we live and work. For example, the coronavirus has swiftly altered the business ecosystem. The global “slowdown” has accelerated the growth of the new digital world of the 21st century.


At SDSol Technologies, it is in our DNA to look ahead into the future. We try to move past the current state and see what will most likely be our “new” normal. Now, businesses are going through dramatic change. Some will disappear; others will thrive. Most are choosing permanent or temporary shutdowns. Many are barely surviving.


As a result, layoffs, new working hours, and forced salary cuts are common in the new economic landscape. Above all, the global pandemic has caused every business to review and adjust their objectives, procedures, culture, staff, strategic planning, and improve leadership. In short, this directly affects society as a whole.

Business after COVID 19: Remote working

With COVID 19, firms quickly switched to working remotely. Will this be part of the new normal? Most likely. Yet, not all companies are well prepared for this. Thus, realizing that this new way of working can be complicated will help companies adapt. Remote working often favors productivity and a better life/work balance. It can provide more benefits, such as lower costs and pollution.


Rapid adaption

The rapid change that is happening brings many questions. Many of these questions go beyond just rethinking personal and professional boundaries. Most importantly, the shift to a widespread remote workforce requires strong leadership. For instance, leaders will need to create new infrastructure, solid planning, and make significant changes to their business practices and processes. In short, adopting the right technology, proper testing, training, and support will be critical.




SDSol Technologies’ transition to remote working has been smooth. We remain fully operational. Most of our team is working from home. Indeed, we understand how vital it is to maintain top quality service. We see it as our duty to support our client’s mission-critical IT infrastructure and platform integrity. For example, healthcare is one of the industries most impacted by this pandemic. For SDSol’s healthcare clients, tech platforms keep them connected and working. Most importantly, the systems and tools that SDSol offers are a lifeline for their business and customers.




SDSol is thrilled to help support healthcare-related businesses save money during times of crisis. Also, SDSol has taken steps to support the local community. When SDSol employees began working from home, SDSol’s CEO, Azam Malik, decided to donate the company’s N95 Niosh Respirator Masks. Thus, he offered the N95 masks to the City of Coral Gables’ Emergency Management Office in Miami, Florida. He did this to benefit first responders and public works employees.




“Business as usual” is no longer a reality after the coronavirus pandemic. No industry has gone untouched. So, companies are reorganizing to improve performance, financial stability, and growth.

Firstly, remote working is only one of the many things shaping the new business normal after COVID 19. Secondly, what has not changed is that the firms who keep on thriving are those who have visionary leadership. Thirdly, they will have good strategic planning and smart financing. And, they will build intelligent & creative work environments, solid recruiting, and successful talent retention. Fourthly, these firms will quickly adapt and continue to offer added value & better customer service.

Moreover, such companies recognize that technology is not the end product. Instead, they see it as a means to provide holistic business solutions. And lastly, this will remain after the coronavirus. In conclusion, everyone will understand that pandemic truly changed our business world and lives forever.

Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 11-10-2022