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SDSol Technologies is an expert mobile app development & software company in Miami (Coral Gables, FL ). It has a stunning UI design and a team of mobile app developers ready to serve you. Why wait? Thus, get started by creating your iOS and Android, or web app, with our award-winning tech studio. We have years of experience, and are top-ranked in Miami and Florida!

To begin, get your mobile app launched with our app developers. Also, we can also provide superb web design and development. Our services also include UI design, digital marketing, e-commerce development, and digital marketing!

Miami Mobile App Development Florida

Mobile application development Company -  SDSol

Moreover, SDSol Technologies tops the list of mobile app development companies in Miami and in Florida! We have years of experience as a custom software development agency. We offer web design and development, consulting on software platforms, and digital marketing services. SDSol’s priority is to help clients design and succeed with fully patented product solutions. Industry expert list companies show SDSol at the top in Miami, Fl apps, IoT, and custom software. They list SDSol for design too!

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Have a great app idea or need mobile app development resources?

Mobile App Development Company Miami-  SDSol

To add, want to develop a disruptive mobile app with the best app developers in Miami? How do you find the best mobile application development company and development process? Want to use technology to innovate or make business more efficient? You will need specialized iOS and Android software coders, a team, and a lead software Engineer.

Furthermore, we are more than a web design company only. SDSol builds tech infrastructure, custom mobile app development services, and helps you and your business thrive.

SDSol Mission, Vision, and Values

To add, choose SDSol, a software company in Miami, to develop smarter IoT Internet of Things solutions. We can connect them better to the cloud, web, and mobile applications. Or, create your own iPhone, iPad, and other custom software. SDSol, in Miami FL, develops award-winning applications for clients utilizing our own in-house, full-time, Senior Development Teams. These teams are specialized in iOS, Android, and Web development in Miami. No outsourcing period! Our business & technology experience, expertise, and SDSolid 7 Process guides every single SDSol mobile application development project. Let our top-notch app developers in Miami take your mobile and web development app idea from concept to delivery.

Furthermore, when you choose SDSol, you choose a company with excellent technology project reviews. We are marketing company savvy, have digital marketing success, and have expertise in UI design. We also focus on web design, overall design development, and business experience as a tech development agency.

Our mission: Helping companies achieve their business goals through cost-efficient, customized, scalable, and reliable technology solutions.

SDSol’s vision: To be a top custom software development and hardware technology company in Miami FL, U.S., and Latin America

SDSol’s values: Knowledge, Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity

SDSol delivers an outstanding customer experience

Cross platform app development -  SDSol

Sure, there are some less expensive and more expensive companies on the top mobile application development company and “best mobile app developers” Miami lists. And sure they can make a mobile app for you.

However, as a software development company, SDSol thrives at going beyond the technical aspects. SDSol works on creating outstanding customer experiences. Yes: reviews, reviews, and more reviews! You can see Google reviews, Facebook and 3rd-party verified reviews in Clutch, the lead industry reviews agency. SDSol clients rave about SDSol. For SDSol, nothing beats thrilled clients leaving five-star reviews.

Types of clients we work with

mobile app idea

Moreovoer, SDSol is a leading software and mobile app company in Miami FL. SDSol Technologies helps small or medium enterprises, aspiring app entrepreneurs, and established businesses. As well, we help them become successful by offering the best mobile applications development services, regardless of the size of your business. To add, sometimes a product design company, digital marketing agency, web design shop, or other types of companies will ask SDSol for expert guidance when it comes to all things technical. Some clients are start-up companies or established businesses. Others are multinational Fortune 500 companies!

Occasionally, SDSol partners with clients offering additional design, UX, strategy consulting, and IT resources. This partnering also allows for 24/7 presence to help achieve long-term success. This IT presence and tech strategy consulting are invaluable for some clients who do not want the expense and headache of managing IT internally. For SDSol’s Partners, this real-time presence of top-notch tech resources is a win-win as it is for SDSol & other clients.

SDSol’s Miami mobile app development method:

Thus, SDSol Technologies follows a custom software development engineering method. This allows them to create mobile applications and web development applications. SDSol is like a design company with professional designers and creative talent in-house to create application flow diagrams and prototypes.

In addition, then SDSol manages the “design development” workflow transition into the technical software coding engineering process. Some clients need an application “facelift” and can rely on SDOL’s UI design and UX (user experience) expertise. To add, other clients need much more than a design company and require “heavy-lifting” technology skills. This allows them to create or improve the productivity and tech strategy of their businesses.

Our Process: SDSolid 7-step methodology – a proven successful development protocol

Best reasons we are the top mobile app development company in Miami

Top mobile app development company

SDSol is a team of over 40 designers, engineers, mobile app developers, and web developers in Miami FL. iPhone, iPad, or an app for google or other devices. This means you can rely on one point of contact to bring your mobile app idea to life. We take it from concept to app deployment and post-deployment support.

SDSol, a software development company in Miami FL, is a well-oiled machine. We work with the design, planning, and development of mobile & web development programs. Our app development team has successfully launched hundreds of mobile and web apps.

SDSol iPhone app developers will native code the mobile app for iOS which will maximize performance, responsiveness, and the app’s ability to utilize iPhone and iPad features. In addition, the iPhone and iPad builds will be submitted and approved by App Store.

SDSol Android app developers will native code programs and get those submitted and approved for Google Play.

Furthermore, SDSol’s iPhone and Android app development teams in Miami FL specifically follow a proven SDSolid 7-Step methodology. VIDEO SDSol’s app engineering protocol focuses on first developing and “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) along with scalable architecture. This allows the app to grow as the business or organization grows. Initially, the core functionality is embedded. Later, additional features get developed per the requirements for future app versions.

SDSol’s mobile app experience:

SDSol, a software company in Miami FL, has tremendous mobile app experience from successful start-ups to global fortune 500 companies. With over 20 years of business presence in Miami, we have successfully delivered over 1200 tech projects and countless winning tech ideas. Our portfolio.

Thus, our mobile app development team has also developed IoT projects and wearable devices making hardware smarter. As well, this unique specialized knowledge allows SDSol Technologies to develop custom apps and software for wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Pebble Smartwatch, Google, and other devices.

Our mobile app development can be your ideal partner for marketplace platform solution apps including reservation/rental systems, voice recognition & voice-driven software, wearables, IoT products, chatbots, Augmented Reality programs, Virtual Reality applications, etc

Impeccable mobile app quality control. We conduct thorough quality control testing including extensive end-user acceptance testing (UAT).

Our company in Miami FL has a proven support track record of supporting successful projects and clients year after year. We would never advise anyone to develop important software applications, web development, or core custom software with a company lacking a long-term successful track record. Moreover, your software development business is simply too important to risk tech failures due to a tech company without the skills, caring, or longevity to be there with you for the long haul. SDSol in Miami FL has supported many clients, from start-ups to fortune 500 firms, for decades.

Times have changed and virtually all businesses can leverage new technology through software to become more efficient. And this efficiency can happen with extraordinarily user-friendly solutions. As well, SDSol has won numerous awards for outstanding UX (User Experience) which is both an art and a science.

Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 20-10-2022