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In order to remain competitive, companies are looking to hire candidates with the most in demand tech skills. Technology companies are focusing on finding the right talent and having a more thorough recruitment process. This will help to narrow down the top choices. Furthermore, now is the time for job seekers to hone in on developing these aspired IoT skills in order to stand out in the eyes of tech recruiters.

There is always new technology forming and changing trends in the technology industry. Candidates must adapt with the times and keep their eye out on what new skills they should be developing.

Read this article to gain insight on the most desirable skill sets that employers are looking for in the IoT technology job market.

Number 1 Most in demand tech skills Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Top technical skills– SDSol

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the scope and future of the IoT tech industry. Moreover, they are used in a variety of services in order to fasten production times and lower business costs.

Jobs in artificial intelligence are rising drastically. Having skills in managing these machines will make it easier to land a job in the tech industry.

Furthermore, some skills required for an Artificial intelligence or IoT machine learning position include knowledge in Python, Java, Natural Lanugage Processing and TensorFlow.

As well, chatbot building is something that is increasing in the IoT technology field. Having experience in it will bring benefits when it comes to landing a job. In addition, major industries in this day and age are requiring knowledge in chatbots. This skill deals with customer service interactions on the company website itself.

In addition, it has been shown that skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing higher as time passes. People in these fields are bound to earn high salaries.

Most in demand tech skills #2 Cloud Computing

Top 5 technical skills– SDSol

Cloud solutions are in demand in the tech industry nowadays. Traditional server infrastructure is now outdated and cloud platforms are the driving force behind companies.

Moreover, one of the most valued skills that IT candidates can have is being certified in AWS cloud solution. They can earn the highest salary within all developer certifications in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, besides AWS, other cloud skills that are noteworthy to mention on resumes include Microsoft Azure, Docker, and DevOps. In the future, having cloud solutions knowledge will continue to be an eye-catcher in the job market. Thus, leading more companies to switch to cloud platform solutions.

Most in demand tech skills #3 Cybersecurity

Top tech skills in demand – SDSol

Moreover, in order to keep their business information private, companies must secure customer information that they manage. Companies use databases to store customer information and company information. In addition, these databases are relevant for every company and industry. Developing cybersecurity skills is essential to rise to the top of the job market.

In addition, demand for cybersecurity roles are growing by 30% annually. The job market for this position is predicted to increase throughout the years. As well, in order to work in Cybersecurity, skills such as information security and network security are a priority. Also, basic knowledge of programming is a plus.

Top technical skills #4 AR and VR

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Virtual and augmented reality are making its way into entertainment, education, manufacturing and more. XR technology, as its known for, is being adopted by everyday industries as well. People skilled in utilizing XR technology will be in high demand in the upcoming years.

Demand growth for AR/VR engineers has grown to 1400%. This will have a big impact on the tech industry within the next 5 years.

In addition, companies such as Google, Facebook and Snapchat are also implementing AR and VR technologies. By next year, market share for these technologies are expected to reach $215 billion.

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Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 12-10-2022

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