Networking tips during Covid-19

Networking tips during Covid-19 – SDSol

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people live their lives and get things done. It has impacted businesses globally and has affected the market greatly. However, people are doing what they can to maintain a normal professional and personal life. They are making this effort despite the toll of the pandemic by utilizing platforms such as social media, online networking, virtual classes, and more. Read on to discover more about networking tips during Covid-19.

Using your networking expertise to help people

Furthermore, you can utilize social media or participate in virtual classes to share your skills. As well, to get the most out of virtual learning opportunities. This way, you can share your expertise with people who are struggling to find work. Or, connect you with people who want to learn new skills to grow their resume. You can share advice for individuals or business owners and help people grow their skill set and knowledge.

As well, teaching how to utilize Zoom, Facetime and Slack, will help people make the most out of their time socially distancing. It will connect you with people who can benefit their lives at this time. By participating in all of these activities, you can help strengthen people’s professional and personal lives. You can connect with them remotely and share your skillset with them.

Network online

Virtual networking – SDSol

Thus, online networking events hosted by industries, career service departments and networking events are a great way to meet individuals in your industry. Attending these events and sharing your resume with these individuals can help you find job positions. It can also help to grow your professional network.

As well, talking to people through Facebook groups, groups on Slack or Linkedin can help you find new positions and opportunities. It can also help grow your network. Conversations on these groups can revolve around learning new skills and finding new job opportunities. All in all, these events and groups can serve as a networking tool during Covid-19.

Talk to your colleagues

Having soft skills is vital in order for someone to want to work with you. Types of soft skills that people are looking for in the remote-world are being timely, communicative, and prioritizing the right work at the right time.

Furthermore, it is important to provide updates about your work progress to your colleagues. There, you can ask them how you can be of service to them. You can also see how you can improve work you’ve done and keep your work information organized.

In addition, keeping lists, bullet points and action items of your completed work will be easy translatable for other people. By your coworkers noticing how organized you are with your work, there will be higher chances of you moving up in the company. It will also allow them to trust you more with workloads.

Importance of growing virtual networking

online networking – SDSol

No matter what type of industry you are in, performing online networking is a great way to grow your network and look for new opportunities. Platforms such as social media, remote career fairs, facebook groups, zoom conferences and online networking events can all serve as networking tools during Covid-19.

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Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 11-10-2022