Keep your iPhone 5 and iOS 6 apps updated and optimized

The iPhone 5 has hit the market with a bang, proving once again that there’s just no stopping Apple when it comes to releasing hot products. A larger iPhone display means great things for users: more room to read, a better screen for watching movies, more room to organize and store their Apps, and more screen real estate for the Applications that they run.

Along with the new iPhone comes iOS 6. And customers are adopting it faster than they adoped iOS 5, according to TechCrunch. So we know that Apple has hit another home run with their device (still backordered several weeks as of early October) and customers are jumping aboard the latest iOS faster than ever. Great news for customers, great news for Apple.

App Developers

But what about for App Developers? Specifically, what does this mean for the 700,000 Apps in the App store? It means most of them have to be updated and redesigned. Customers will clamor for native iOS 6 Apps that take full advantage of the larger screen. And the process of updating the App can not only be costly–it can be nearly impossible for smaller App Development firms or entrepreneurs that may have gone with a single programmer, someone who isn’t in the business anymore, or someone who just can’t allocate the time to update multiple Applications at once. This isn’t just a compatibility update, either – it requires a whole new round of Graphical User Interface improvements. We’re already hearing of updates for iOS 6 that don’t work with older iOS versions – creating yet another headache. Whoops!

Come to SDSol for a consultation

At SDSOL, all new Apple Apps we create will be compatible with iOS 6. Additionally, they’ll be backwards compatible with iOS 5 and iOS4. We have the team and the resources to take on multiple large-scale App projects at once. We have the team and resources to review your current App and make the updates necessary to keep your customers happy and increase your visibility at a time when many Apps still aren’t native to iOS yet. And we have the team and the resources to guide your project in a clear, efficient way.

Contact us today to find out more and let us review your new App projects, or any current Apps that you have which may need updating.

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