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CASTAR is a peer-to-peer matching platform solution for the entertainment industry that connects artists to casting directors and vice-versa thereby streamlining the talent search process and providing both artists and casting directors with a way to find gigs, expedite call backs & auditions and ultimately create 100% legitimate connections of a much higher quality average than traditional methods.


Castar originally came to SDSol Technologies with the great idea of creating custom software & a mobile app platform to help people overcome common pitfalls in the entertainment industry. Traditionally, the entertainment industry is an easy place to get scammed for those who do not know what they are doing. The rules that apply to most businesses barely apply to this industry. Finding legitimate opportunities may be challenging. Additionally, it is especially true in the entertainment industry that success will be based largely on one’s ability to network. Working hard, being talented and having a great image does add to this, but networking is key and not always easy for new talent. It’s not who you know, but who knows YOU. And finally, the competition is fierce where there are only a small number of acting auditions and jobs available compared to the very large number of actors out there seeking them. With the growing number of people in the entertainment business, it’s not always easy to get noticed. Castar is a solution.

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