The Importance of Cyber Security in Tech

People in the tech industry must have experienced some form of cyber attack on their computer. In fact, a hacker attacks a computer every 39 seconds in the U.S. This hack could lead to loss of company data and revenue. As well, businesses face over 4000 hacks on a single day. SDSol is a mobile app development company in Miami. We believe that cyber security in technology companies is necessary to protect your company information. For positions such as analysts, investors and financial advisors, investing in research and development in industries will allow these job functions to continue to make money. It will also allow them to create new products and increase market share.

Cyber Security in Tech Forms of prevention

Cyber Security in Tech – SDSol

Moreover, cyberattacks do not only occur in businesses. Government organizations are also prone to these hacks. In fact, countries like Russia are exploiting network infrastructure devices globally.

In addition, due to these continuous cyberattack efforts, the National Cyber Secrurity Centre (NCSC) is starting to warn businesses about this threat. Governments are creating power stations and energy grids as forms of prevention.

As well, the importance of the prevention of cyberattacks goes as far as nuclear plants. These power plants can potentially have a cyberattack and cause a nuclear disaster.

The rise of changing technology leads to more cyber attacks

Cybersecurity technology – SDSol

The year 2020 has seen around 200 billion IoT connected devices. Machine learning and AI are finding ways to trigger automated cyberattacks. These attacks are triggerable without human intervention. These cyberattacks can be do enormous damage and pose threats all around world.

In addition, the government is also taking measures to protect from cyberattacks. There is also increased legislation and penalties in place in order to protect hacks from cyberattacks. As well, businesses are becoming aware of informing the public about cybersecurity for their IoT connected devices.

Types of cybersecurity technologies for your business

Cyber security in technology - SDSol

Furthermore, humans create technology, so it is also up to humans to develop programs to protect technology. Business’s are developing mechanisms to fortify cybersecurity and protect their data. In addition, the following are several models that are paving the way for having cyber security in technology companies.

1. Cyber security technology Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a process that is applied to cyber security. Through two-factor authentication, parameters are identified to analyze data.

In addition, threats and unwarranted activities are also detected through artificial intelligence. They are detected by analyzing logs, transactions and communications.

2. Behavioral Analytics

User behavior analytics is mostly used to target social media and for online advertisements. Moreover, user behavior analytics helps determine the most appropriate audience to advertise to and gathers useful analytics when used.

As well, user behavioral analytics can also be used for advanced cyber security. It works by detecting potential and real-time threats in industries. User behavior analytics can witness an upsurge that could prevent a possible cyber security issue.

3. Embedded Hardware Authentication

Moreover, nowadays, protecting hardware requires advanced tools to identify a user’s identity. Sixth-generation vPro Chips are now a new type of advanced authentication.

As well, it functions through authentication chips that are embedded into the hardware. This device provides a more advanced source of authentication security to verify a person’s identity.

4. Blockchain Cybersecurity

Blockchain cybersecurity can identify transactions between two parties. Furthermore, when each member adds data, the data becomes evaluated and verified. Blockchain is nearly impossible to hack and safeguards data from a compromise.

By utilizing blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, a robust verification system can be implemented. Thus system can stop cyber threats for businesses and industries.

5. Zero-Trust Model

This model provide equal cyber attack protection to internal and external networks. Moreover, this system places emphasis that networks cannot be trusted. Therefore, more policy and control should placed on networks.

In addition, this model identifies business-critical information, maps data and segments data. It also uses automation and constant monitoring for the internal and external networks. In addition, this process protects networks that are prone to hacks.

SDSol cares about your business

In essence, SDSol, a mobile app development company in Miami, cares about your business practices and services that you provide to customers. Furthermore, no cybersecurity attack should pose a threat to your IoT connected devices and business.

Through our services, we will encrypt our devices and take necessary precautions to secure your business information from cyber-attacks. Contact SDSol today for a free consultation and see how we can secure and launch your business.

Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 12-10-2022

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